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Two Medieval Monarchs

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Richard the Lion-Heart - Our Best Red Wine

Here is a wine that is truly crafted in the style of a classic premium Bordeaux wine. It is carefully blended using the very best of our certified organic estate grown grapes including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Carmenere and Petit Verdot. This is the only known California wine that has all six of the classic Bordeaux red varietals - and all grown in the same vineyard!. Barrel aged for 21 months before bottling.
"'Richard' has been among the very best values in California red wine we have ever tasted... It is easily on a par in quality with California Cabernets and Meritage blends at much higher prices..." [Peter Granoff, Master Sommelier]. Richard the Lion-Heart is wonderful with prime rib and Yorkshire pudding or roast lamb. Yummm!

Richard the Lion-Heart - Legend in His Own Time

Richard I (1157-1199), called Coeur de Lion, was born in Oxford but spent less time in England than any other king of England. No other king of England has retained so strong a hold over the imaginations of men and women and particularly children. For them he is the medieval king par excellence, inhabiting a magic realm of knights, minstrels, and castle dungeons. He was a troubadour, warlord, knight-adventurer and a Crusader king. In his own lifetime Richard was a semi-legendary figure and popular hero. In reality Richard was also refined and well-educated, capable of speaking and writing in French and Provincal. He had a nightmare of a father (King Henry II), a legend of a mother (Eleanor). His early years were spent warring against his father to protect his own interests. He emerged a brilliant soldier. In 1189 he became King of England and soon set out on the Third Crusade. In 1996 we started naming our blended red wine after Richard because he apparently loved wine, spent a good deal of time in Bordeaux celebrating with wine. In "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938 movie), Richard says, "Wine... a bucket of it!"

Eleanor of Aquitaine - Our Best White Wine                              Img EA 2
This is a classic Graves style Bordeaux blend of white grapes. Graves is the oldest appellation of the Bordeaux region, dating back to Eleanor of Aquitaine's time. Ours is made using the finest French oak barrels. It is 100% barrel fermented and is aged for approximately 9 months before bottling. It is a hand-crafted wine choosing the very best of our certified organic estate grown Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes of the harvest. A very complex wine, some say this is "the white wine for red wine lovers." It pairs very well with smoked oysters, black olives and cheese as appetizers, Japanese food, including teriyaki and sushi.

Eleanor of Aquitaine - Queen of Two Countries
Eleanor (1122-1204) was a fascinating ruler, renowned for beauty, intelligence and quiet power. She was queen to two kings and the mother of two others. Heiress of the duchy of Aquitaine, she married Louis VII of France in 1137. At his court she demonstrated a genius for cunning, interfering in royal policy to his detriment. When her marriage was dissolved by decree, she immediately married Henry II of England. Many historical references suggest the "Black wine of Cahors" (made from Malbec grapes - we also produce a Malbec) was served at their 1152 wedding.
Thus, her inheritance (including the Bordeaux region of France, then called Aquitaine) passed to the English Crown. She wanted to serve the wine she grew up with to the royal courts, so began importing Bordeaux wine to England. By all accounts this marriage was as stormy as her first, though it brought her two sons. Eleanor instigated a revolt with her sons against her husband and spent more than 20 years locked in a tower until Henry's death. She then lived out her days in the court of her son, Richard the Lion-Heart. In 1995 we started naming our blended white wine after Eleanor to celebrate that she really started the international wine trade with Bordeaux wine, the original home of all the grapes we grow.

Made with Bordeaux Grapes