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Wine Fun Facts

Vine Fun Facts

600 - average number of grapes to produce a bottle of wine
4 bottles can be produced from each vine each harvest
11 barrels can be produced from each acre each harvest
$1,500 cost of a new French oak barrel
25 cases of wine (12 bottles) in one barrel
20 square miles - World's largest vineyard in Monterey County
11,000 registered pesticides in California
In 2009 over 156 million pounds of pesticides were applied in California
Zero - pesticide residual in Yorkville Cellars wine

Diet Tip:
100 calories in 5-oz glass of wine
150 calories in 12-oz bottle of beer

$230,000 highest recorded price paid for a bottle of wine. 

"Men are from bars, women are from Vinous"

Consumed most often:
               Beer     Wine     Liquor
Men          55%      20%      21%
Women     23%      52%      22%

"Consuming wine in moderation daily will help people to die young as late as possible" Dr. Philip Norrie


Wine Consumption Figures

Bottles of Wine Consumed per Person per Year (2008):

#1   Vatican City State   89
#3   France                   71
#6   Italy                      67
#27 Germany               32
#34 United Kingdom    26
#47 Canada                  16
#57 U.S.A.                    13 - (You can do better!)

U.S.A. Annual per Person Consumption for Other Beverages

13 bottles of wine
86 quarts of milk
230 beers (12 oz)
234 bottles of water (12 oz)
405 cups of coffee (6 oz)
495 soft drinks (12 oz)

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